Long overdue update – boot room

Not written in here for ages. Mainly as there was not a lot to say. Or show. Not many people are interested in seeing 2×4 going up to make frames for the walls to the new rooms. At the very back of the boat our newly created boot room.

Boot Room

Before the room was a lot of wood, deep red, pale blue and ash blonde flooring, it was a twin single bedded cabin, very small child sized single beds. We would not use it as was. Originally it was going to be the office. It was soon realised this would not be practical in winter as it is the coldest part of the boat.

After weeks of cruising in all weathers we came to realise that what was needed was a boot room, somewhere to kick off wet clothing and muddy boots before going through to the living area to warm back up. By this point it was also obvious the bathroom was just too small. So walls came tumbling down. A bit of space was pinched from the back cabin to give a bit more bathroom space and new walls went up. The porthole bungs have been covered in much nicer fabric than was there and the shabby old cabin bed cushion has been replaced with a smart new one.  Learning so many new sewing skills.

The project is not quite finished. Need to make a door for the bathroom and get the storage properly sorted. But it looks a lot better than it did. The next main project will be to get the electrics sorted out. An immersion needs to be hooked up so it works on mains and solar and the engine. At the moment it only works off the engine. We will get this done at the same time as changing the batteries over to lithium. It feels a bit Star Trek saying that.

Going forward

Of course all of this costs many pennies. So it can only proceed once the house sale is done and the money is in the bank. Cross all fingers and toes on that happening soon please. I am a bit fed up of washing in a large bucket.  It is not as awful as it sounds and once we get warmer weather I’ll be able to play with the solar camping shower a bit more.  Next week I will be on the boat again, so plans are to do some cupboard rearranging and to get some sewing done. All indoor jobs as the forecast for the week is not brilliant.

I’ll have Jess for company, just hoping she behaves herself. She has been better recently with her reactivity. But she did have a little huff today when a dog on another pontoon eyeballed her. Luckily she is not a water baby, so she will not jump in to get to the other dog.


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