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Veganuary fail

Veganuary has failed. More accurately we failed at it.  Some of the swaps on dairy were fine so we will keep those. Others went down less well. The vegan meats were horrible. The cheeses edible but not nice. The ready made pasta sauce I bought was just ok, it lacked seasoning. The trouble was a lot of the vegan meals we had during our attempt at veganuary involved processed stuff. We prefer wholefoods and home made sauces etc. Eggs and cheese are in a huge amount of our favourite foods. I think eventually we will switch to all vegan, but it will be a more gradual process.

This weeks meal plan

Friday 14/01  Green lentil dal, aloo sag and garlic/coriander naan. (Ve)

Saturday 15/01 Leek and pea risotto with garlic bread and a salad (Veg)

Sunday 16/01  Mushroom and mixed grains fajitas with salsa, guac and salad (Ve)

Monday 17/01  Vegan pad Thai

Tuesday 18/01 3 bean chilli with rice (Ve)

A vegetarian chilli dish, made with 3 different beans. Served on a bed of rice and garnished with coriander leaves.

Wednesday 19/01  Aubergine meatless balls with spaghetti and tomato sauce (Ve)

Thursday 20/01  Mushroom, chestnut and ale pie with mashed potatoes and spring greens (Ve)

Friday 21/01  Sweetcorn fritters with a fried egg in a toasted muffin with paprika fried potatoes and salad (veg)

Still mostly vegan, but veggie parmesan goes in the risotto and the muffin has egg. Ve = vegan veg = veggie

Sorry veganuary. I’ll try again soon.

Boat news

We’ve only been able to get to the boat on a weekend, so our progress there is painfully slow. We now mostly have the bathroom wall down, should get that finished this weekend.  Then it is a case of deciding how far to move it and building it back, but with a centre door rather than a side door. Once that is done it will be liveable for us, we will have enough room to turn around and dry off when we get out the shower. As it was you’d be bumping elbows and bums on the walls and kicking the toilet.

We also have a man from the yard coming to look at our electrics, nowt wrong with them, but he is going to fit us solar panels and a shoreline hook up. Probably be second half of February before it gets done, but yes!!! we need it. We are also going to ask about getting a spot on the wharf, we are currently butted up against another boat. It is fine, but with all the work we want to do it would be easier with our own spot.

House Stuff

Work on the house is going slowly. We’ve decided to move Mr into the attic bedroom for his home office as there is more room and it is the room that needs least work. A lick of paint in the en-suite and that is about it.

We can then decorate what is/was his home office and make it look like a bedroom.  The other big job is the garden. Arwen brought down all my willow screening, so I need to sort that out. Then a tip run is required to get rid of the junk. Lastly tidy up the beds and plant a few pansies or some other cheery little blooms just to brighten things up.

In other news

I am learning to crochet. It is so hard! Very different from knitting. I will persevere. I only know the basic single stitch so far, but I am getting better. My work is straighter now. At first it was very wonky.

I am thinking about learning sign language. It will be useful on the boat if nothing else. Trying to shout above engine and lock noise it is near on impossible for us to hear one another.

All in all a good start to the year. We may have failed veganuary, but overall it feels as if we are moving forwards.




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