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Living in limbo


At the moment I feel a bit like we are living in limbo. We have the boat but we can not be there full time just yet. There is still a fair bit of work to do in the house. It all feels a bit overwhelming right now. I keep telling myself it is only painting, but with high ceilings and large rooms it is a big job. My weedy little arms can only tolerate so much painting before they give up.

Then of course is the garden tidy up. This I am not looking forward to. Whilst I like growing things I am not so keen on the hard landscaping duties.  It will get done, but we might not be ready to go on sale for another month



Work on the boat is slow. We realised we need another tool so we can remove the last part of the wall.  We now have that, so fingers crossed the last fiddly bit will be gone this weekend and then we can start on the rebuilding. I will do a separate post with before and  after once we are done.

We do have good news, we have shoreline and solar booked for an install along with a new invertor and some better cables between the batteries and the invertor.  This means our centre line has to be moved. So we will have 2 centre lines. This is something we wanted anyway, so yay! The other good news is we are shifting mooring, we will not be tied to another boat. We will have our own spot on the wharf. This will make doing work a bit easier.

Meal Plans

Sat 22/01 Veggie sausage and  baked bean hot pot. I’m going to try cooking this on the stove. I have a big cast iron casserole pot that I think will be perfect. (Ve)

Sun 23/01 Sweet potato & chilli dauphinoise with  alguashte (Ve) with garlicky broccoli

Mon 24/01 Pasta al forno   Pasta bake (V) salad and garlic bread

Tue 25/01 Vegan dal Makhani with rice and naan (Ve)

Wed 26/01 Mushroom Tocino with garlic fried rice and stir fried greens (Ve)

Thu 27/01 Sweet potato and lentil bake with spring greens (Ve)

Fri 28/01 Pizza night – I have a new dough recipe to try. It does not require kneading, but it does need 72 hours of prooving, so must remember to make it well in advance. (V)

Another unintentionally mostly vegan week. Just cheese on 2 days make it veggie. If I can find a decent vegan cheese that is not sweet tasting and slippery mouth feel I may well swap. I’ve tried the violife, that was edible, just not pleasant for me. It was like Edam, which is one of the cheeses I am not keen on. The other cheese was a smoked one. I could not even put that in my mouth. The smell alone put me off.

The week ahead

After time on the boat at the weekend, it is back to the house to get on with things. I’m going to aim for earlier nights so I can be up early morning to get things done. If I get up late (close to 8am) then it seems to be lunch time by the time I have done my chores and before I know it it is time to make tea and then I am pooped. I am much more of a get stuff done early kind of person.

As the forecast is not great I am hoping I can get the painting in the attic bathroom done. Finish painting the hall and stairs and get the hand rails back up. Fix the shutters, one just needs a new pin and another needs straightening and start getting the living room ready to paint. We have a lot of books that will need to be moved. That in itself is a days work.

Then it will be back to the boat to do more DIY. At least everything there is on one level, I will not miss having to climb 3 flights of stairs to take tools from the basement to the attic.


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