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Veganuary and New Year Plans

Veganuary and new year plans

It is that time of the year, when I am in full on waddle around like the fattened Christmas turkey. I start to think about eating better and being more mindful.  This year we want to do veganuary again. If you do not know what it is then basically you pledge to only eat and drink vegan for the month of January. Ours is starting a day late as we have guests for dinner on New Years Day and we promised them toad in the hole.

Veganuary meal plan – week one

Sunday 2nd January: Meera Sodha’s vegan red cabbage parcels with macadamias, mushrooms and chestnuts. Lemony roast potatoes and garlicky greens.

Monday 3rd January:  Crispy cauliflower tacos with refried beans and mixed salad

Tuesday 4th January: black bean and lentil chilli served with rice.

Wednesday 5th January: Griddled harissa mushrooms on flatbreads with butterbean hummus, mint dip and a corn and courgette warm salad

Thursday 6th January:  Creamy garlic roasted red pepper pasta

Friday 7th January: Vegan burger in a bun with sweet potato fries and coleslaw with vinaigrette dressing

Saturday 8th January: Falafal, hummus, cous cous, pita and mixed salad

Sunday 9th January:  Aubergine schnitzel with tomato salsa, baked potatoes and peppery leaf salad.

Breakfast will be mostly porridge and fruits or toast. Lunches, sandwiches or soup and bread. We will be trying to avoid snacking as part of the plan is to shift a few lbs.


A year to be mindful and minimal

I’ve signed up to the January challenge. No idea yet what I will end up doing as I chose to have random things to be emailed. So I might be planting seeds, writing a letter, watching a sign language rapper or cooking something. It will be good to see the world with other eyes when seeing how other people interpret the prompt.



I’m going to challenge myself to read more. At last count I had read about 80 books in the past year. Not bad for someone who had not picked up a book in very many years. I have found I like thrillers and crime. Autobiographies and life stories and the odd light hearted romance. I will try to expand on the genres I am reading, just have to hope the library keep adding new books to the online service. I read the books on my phone as I find it much more convenient.


Practising more often and trying some different styles are on the cards. I am hoping I can get Mr to join in as he needs to improve his flexibility. Especially ahead of being on the boat full time.  For me (who is super bendy anyway) it is more for headspace, relaxing and having better sleep.


We have a lot of stuff to get rid of ahead of being full time boaties < is boaties a word or are we boaters? Anyway, we have a million books, way too many clothes and a lot of gadgets that are not needed. The furniture I think now mostly has homes. Freecycle will be getting anything unwanted by friends and family. Charity shops any books and clothes. A skip will likely be needed as some things are just not worth trying to give away.


Boat plans

So many plans for the boat! I think that needs a separate entry. Basics are to get solar and a land hook-up. Refit the bathroom. Move the fire to one side of the saloon. Jiggle the kitchen about and then blacking and some touching up of paintwork.

House plans

The main one is to sell it. Most of the work to do is painting. Will get someone in to fit a new carpet on the stairs. Garden needs a good tidy and then we will be ready for viewing. Hoping we can be on the market by the February half term. Sold and out by early summer? I really do hope we can sell quickly and for a number of pennies that we like.


Buy less, think a bit more about what we are buying. Be more conscious of our environment and the resources we use. There are plenty of zero waste shops around now. I’d love to start using them. Only buying what we need and what we plan to eat.

Being on the boat with limited space and no freezer made me realise how often I do cook far too much food. In the house it gets frozen for another day. But if I do it here we are stuck eating the same thing for a few days. The meal plan I have done for veganuary makes sure I am using all of the veg I am buying.

For instance red cabbage is first used in the stuffed leaves,  secondly in the cauliflower tacos and the third and finally in the coleslaw. Cauliflower left from making tacos will be turned into a soup along with the butterbeans. Black bean chilli leftovers will be eaten with tortilla chips and guac for lunch.

I think that will do for now. I am going to do some resolutions, but they can wait until closer to New Year.


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