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I have had itchy feet for a while now. Do not worry, no fungal infections… what I mean is I want to move. If you follow me on any socials, you will have realised I have become a little obsessed with narrowboats. In a nutshell I want to live on one. I see how relaxed the people are who have moved onto one. The pace of life seems less frantic. If your neighbour is a noisy generator chugger then you can move. For me the positives outweigh any bad points.

First things first, we need to sell the house, we don’t have the kind of money a boat costs just sitting about. Now lockdown is easing we can start to visit some marinas and boat builders, see what lead times are like, if there are places we definitely would like to moor or on the other hand do not want to be.

Ah but selling the house, another hurdle. We have a man booked to come and finish tiling the lower ground floor and he will also do the fireplace on the ground floor. Fingers crossed his mate can fix our sani-flo, bit of painting and we will be done down there. I am currently slowly working my way through the house, nearly all of it needs decorating. We hope to be ready for sale by mid August. Houses around here are selling really fast, so as long as no more lockdowns happen I think we could be sold by the end of October. Quite what we do between house selling and boat buying I do not know. I’m sure we will find something, we usually do.

So a change of direction with this blog. There will still be food and eating out, but also blogs of our adventures as we start the next part of our life together.


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  • Anna Wood

    Love this! I’ve always loved the idea of a narrowboat so look forward to following your adventure.
    (I’ve just got a laptop after a few years of not having one so am catching up on reading blogs as so much easier than on a phone)

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