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Vegetarian Meal planning Friday – making the most of frozen

Where does time go, I have made so many fabulous things, but neglected blogging the recipes, I think it will be easier once the basement is finished and I have a desk to sit at and write. I’ll be able to watch the wildlife and in warmer weather have the door open so I can listen to the river and the birds singing.

We are still mostly vegetarian, we had a little bit (as in a few bites) of chicken when we had guests over Easter. I also really  fancied sausages on night, so we had some. Oh we had fish and chips as a new chippy has opened in the village and very good it is too.

This week we will be eating a lot from the freezers and the pantry as they really are fit to burst and I do not want to be wasteful, the main reason we are now veggie is to cut our carbon footprint.

Saturday 22nd – Brinner – breakfast as dinner.  I’ll be re-purposing some quorn meatballs, defrosting adding finely diced shallot and garlic, plus some herbs and extra seasoning, then shaping it to make sausages. We will also have eggs, beans, mushrooms, hash browns and maybe some herb crumbed tomatoes.

Sunday 23rd – Quiche, new potatoes and veggies. I think I will do a walnut pastry, then use Manchego, with chives, asparagus and peas for the filling.

Monday 24th – Mutter paneer, smokey aubergine and lentil curry, rice, Indian Spring roll and Methi paratha. (all from the freezer)

Tuesday 25th – Lebanese Flatbreads with falafel and a bulghar wheat salad, plus a yoghurt and mint dip.

Wednesday 26th – Mushroom cobbler with mashed potatoes and steamed green veggies. I’ll be using this recipe

Thursday 27th – Quorn chicken burger with salad, sweet potato fries and onion rings.

Friday 28th – We are  going to the Blue Teapot for their vegetarian curry night.

The basement is still an ongoing project, but I have got the first coat or wash of paint on one wall. As we have lime plaster we need special paint so the lime can breathe, we have chosen Earthborn clay paint. I am so pleased with it, it goes on like a dream and even the watered down first coat gives brilliant coverage. We have also discovered why the electrics kept tripping, our saniflow had popped its fuse. Just need to get Mr CK into gear to pop a new one in and try it. I would, but I am scared of playing with anything electrical whilst the power is on.



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